6 Ideas for What to Do with Flowers After an Event

Some use these bouquets as a place setter for their loved ones at special events. We likely all agree that a bouquet of fresh flowers makes a space more inviting. Are you looking for Gaylord Florist? Try Rosemary and Pepper FlowerCo for all purposes and enjoy Rosemary Flowering.

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Bouquets are a lovely gift to get from others or a delightful treat to give to oneself, but they do not live forever. Instead of discarding your bouquet, consider repurposing it. You may be stumped as to what to do with your event flowers, but we've compiled a list of some of our favourite methods to keep the enchantment of a bouquet alive long after the flowers have faded. Also, if you are searching for Flowers Gaylord Mi here at Rosemary and Pepper Flower Co., you will find the most beautiful ones. That is also usable after the event.

list of some methods for event flowers

Donate your bouquets and arrangement

    You can donate your bouquets in a variety of ways. We encourage sticking close to home to help with community development. For example, ask your local hospital, Florists in Charlevoix Mi, elder living facilities, and women's shelters if they take flower donations. There are even organisations that will collect and donate your flowers after your event.

    At your event, set up a flower booth.

    We love the idea of setting up a flower booth at your event so that attendees can take a piece of your wonderful day home with them as a party treat. Set up a station with brown butcher paper and monogrammed tape near the exit of your venue where guests can stop and pick up a few blooms to take with them as they leave.

    Create your own candles.

      Turning your flowers into candles is the easiest method to prevent them from going to waste. The first step in making candles is to dry your flowers, however the rest is simple and enjoyable. Air drying is the most likely method for drying flowers. In essence, you hang your flowers inverted and place them in a dry, warm location, such as above a radiator. You can, however, dry them with silica gel by putting them in a sealed jar, putting silica on top, and leaving them for a couple of days to a week.

      Press your flowers in a glass

        Drying and pressing your bouquet and other event flowers in glass is a lovely way to exhibit and remember your special day for the long - term. This is the thing to go if you just want to add artwork to your walls.

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        Make them into jewellery.

          Make your flowers into jewellery for a more wearable option! Using your flowers to make beautiful jewellery, from pendants to earrings to loose beads, is not only a fantastic way to recognize your celebration day, but it also offers the possibility of gifting pieces to your dear ones — perhaps the party — and even saving them as an heirloom to be passed down for generations.

          They can be repurposed for your home.

            • Repurposing your flowers for your home is one of our favourite parts to do with them after your event. You can cut them up and make a variety of bouquets in various sizes to decorate your home. You can also offer these smaller bunches to friends and loved ones, perhaps even at the celebration, to demonstrate how much you value their help with the event organising.
            • Divide your flowers and make several floral arrangements throughout your home, including a lovely centrepiece for your dining table. To place your flowers in, we advise getting antique mix and match glassware and pots from thrift stores. Get vessels in a variety of textures, sizes, and colours to create a bohemian atmosphere in your house, or keep it simple with timeless crystal vases.
            • If you appreciate DIY projects, you should definitely utilise your flowers to make a wreath for your front entrance! A wreath will give vibrancy and energy to your home entrance, whether you want it to be seasonal or one that you can leave up all year. You can build wreaths for your celebration as a thank you if you have leftover flowers!

            Regardless of the type, quantity, or design of your flower arrangements, your lovely flowers do not have to go to waste once your event is over. Are you looking for Gaylord Florist? Try Rosemary and Pepper FlowerCo for all purposes and enjoy Rosemary Flowering.


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