Top 5 Most Beautiful Red Roses Bouquet for your Lover

Roses are versatile even more so now with different unique colors and types that represents eternal love, passion and companionship. Read about the Most Beautiful Red Roses Bouquet for your Lover.

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It's undeniable that roses are the most popular flowers out there, we are all about roses, their deep red color, wide availability and love which they represent. It might seem that roses are overrated but they are not going away any time soon. Roses are versatile even more so now with different unique colors and types. There is still so much more to a rose. Well if you are looking for a flower bouquet that represents eternal love, passion and companionship nothing beats roses.

If you have seen it all with roses just sit back and lets look at some beautiful flower arrangements from Rosemary & Pepper Flower Co that is the perfect gift for flower lovers

Classic red rose bouquet

There is something so unique about roses that you never get bored of them, especially a red bouquet. A red bouquet, no matter how many roses there be, looks delightful. Amazingly well crafter and arranged in a circular formation. Do you know that different numbers of roses in a bouquet represent different kinds of emotions? Like 1 rose symbolizes love at first sight. 10 roses mean that the recipient is pretty, 20 roses mean that there are there is sincerity in your emotions, 36 of these beautiful roses represent memory of days spent in pure love, 40 roses represent genuineness of your love, 50 is for love that has grown like fine wine and 100 roses which look absolutely breathtaking signify devotion in love.

Pastel themed rose bouquet

With the new age trends, flowers too have to keep up in their game, roses now are not just available in the good reds, yellows and pinks but you can also find roses now in ivory, lavender, light pink, orange, powder blue and lemon yellow. You can always create your own bouquet with simple steps- choose a dominant flower, rose, choose a shape or formations, choose filler flowers and if you want it as a bouquet or centerpiece, choose a vase accordingly. Put together a serene bouquet with lavender roses, along with light pink ones add to this baby breath and some green foliage.

Vibrant rose bouquet

Next is something for people who enjoy color and bright and beautiful. You can create a lovely bouquet full of vibrant colors with a yellow bunch of roses for friendship, you would need yellow roses, asters, some lilies. You can also go with a mix of different colors pink, purple and red would look good together. Get this from your local florist in atlanta.

Roses mixed with lilies

You can also get your hands on a mix bunch, one flower that looks great with roses are lilies. Lilies have gorgeous petals and colors that compliment roses well as they are enclosed and lilies are flowy and well bloomed. You can go with a single colored bouquet or pink roses with white lilies for a soft effect. Not just this you can also get flower delivery in Atlanta with Gaylord Florist.

Roses mixed with sunflowers

Another flower that goes well with roses are sunflowers. A great combination is red roses with yellow and bright sunflowers. You can also add lavender roses along with some snapdragons, some filler flowers and greens.

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