The Best Anniversary Flowers for Her

Just like each anniversary year has a traditional gift such as paper or silver, there is a flower for each anniversary milestone too. Getting simple flowers for her on your anniversary via flower delivery in Atlanta can work wonders. These natural beauties leave an imprint that no other gifts can.

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When it comes to anniversary gifts, there are so many things you can give to your special one. From customized art to jewelry, and other accessories. However, nothing works as great as flowers. Getting simple flowers for her on your anniversary via flower delivery in Atlanta can work wonders. These natural beauties leave an imprint that no other gifts can.

Here are six pretty flowers that are best for her on your anniversary. 


      A bouquet of fresh carnations can bring a smile to her face. Pick a bouquet of pink or red carnations from Rosemary florals. You can also create a mix-and-match bouquet of multicolored carnation flowers like red, pink, white, yellow, and scarlet. Further, to express your deep love for her, you can get a standalone bouquet of rich red carnations with a thoughtful message.


        Aster flowers symbolize love, wisdom, and faith. These pretty star-like flowers are available in white, purple, blue, and pink colors. Either choose a multicolor bouquet of asters or create an arrangement that has her favorite color combinations. Get these dainty flowers via Rosemary delivery and brighten her day.


            Freesias are a great choice for anniversaries if your significant other likes something different. These delicate beauties with their multiple colors and fruity scent can liven up her day. Freesias symbolize friendship and a strong bond between people. Their sweet, fresh, and airy fragrance makes them one of the most popular flowers. These blooms are available in radiant yellow, red, and white colors. Their yellow shade represents joy and cheerfulness as it has a sunny, golden hue. 


            These sweet blooms with abundant petals packed together are perfect for anniversaries and weddings too. They come in clusters and look cute when tied into a round-shaped bouquet. Hydrangeas come in different colors like blue, pink, purple, and white. Their subtle shades look good with both bright and pastel-colored flowers. So, you can either go for a standalone hydrangea bunch or create arrangements pairing hydrangeas with peonies, carnations, dahlias, and even lilies. Whatever you choose, get it delivered via Anniversary Flowers Delivery in Gaylord MI.


              For the one who loves unique flowers, clematis is a great choice. Gift her a bouquet of clematis on your anniversary. They are available in pink, purple, blue, red, white, and bi-colors. You can create a charming clematis bouquet using small wildflowers, vines, bush roses, wisteria, etc. These bouquets look extremely gorgeous and unique. So, gift them to your significant other and thank us later!

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              Calla Lily

                If you’re looking for an elegant and sophisticated flower bouquet, the calla lily is for you. Standalone calla lily bunches look elegant, exotic, and stunning. These flowers are often used at weddings for bridal bouquets. They are great to express the idea of life and fertility. Plus, white calla lilies represent purity, faithfulness, and holiness. For a more passionate and attractive bouquet, choose the blood-red calla lilies. They look bold and are perfect to express a strong, passionate love. FYI, anniversary flowers delivery from Rosemary & Pepper Flower Co. can help you get a beautiful bunch of dark red Calla Lilies.

                A flower bouquet on an anniversary is a timeless gift. Whether you gift her a simple bunch of roses or a classic bouquet of lilies, flowers are always special. For a more uncommon bouquet, you can choose any flower from our top six list or mix and match all of them to create a gorgeous bouquet.


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