The majority of Flowers are bought for Christmas

Flowers bring color, freshness and goodness of nature. Decorate your space with popular fresh flowers exclusively for the Holiday season.

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During Christmas you will find a number of decorations, one major décor item are flowers. Flowers bring color, freshness and goodness of nature. Decorate your space with popular fresh flowers exclusively for the Holiday season.

Here are some flowers in gaylord mi that are Christmas special from rosemary and pepper flower co


The very first pick when it comes to Christmas flowers is Poinsettia, not necessarily a flower but a mini shrub. This plant is native to Mexico and Central America. This plant has deep green leaves at the bottom and as it grows the top of the leaves become bright red making it an enchanting plant to look at.


One more Christmas classic, these flowers look like the perfect flower out there. This flower is grown from a bulb and interestingly the first bulb was brought to Europe straight from South Africa, its native place. These are again red flowers with a single bloom on a short green stem.


A flower that looks straight from a painting, Anthurium also known as Flamingo flower originated from Columbia. This plant has an exotic appearance and is loved for its red color and textured leaves which are known to be heart shaped.


Native to Europe, these are the sweetest flowers with mini leaves and pink petals. In a pool of green the bright pinks emerge making it look epic. The petals on this look like bunny ears making it even cuter. You can create a lovely christmas flower arrangement with this flower.


This flower will forever be a favorite, known to be a royal flower. Orchids have a detailed look, and since they come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors you can definitely find one for your preference. A little away from the traditional red, a bunch of orchids in a tall clear vase will always look mesmerizing.


Taking a turn back into Christmas special flower arrangements, Holly is seen all around during Christmas from ornaments to table décor. Holly is known for its bright red berries and deep religious symbolism known to represent the holy blood of Jesus Christ. Holly is widely available during christmas and you can find it at any flower shop in gaylord mi.


How can we forget Roses? Especially the red ones. Red roses come handy always, every time. No matter what occasion it is, red roses symbolize love and passion. Love that we all need and cherish. Bunch of long stem roses on the center table or the kitchen will brighten up any space.

Christmas Cactus

Since our life is full of wonders, so is the flower kingdom. This flower here is a cactus that thrives in the cold unlike the cactus which we know of. They need warm and high temperatures and minimal watering. Christmas cactus too needs minimal watering but it's not scared of the cold. With a florist in grayling mi you can find the perfect Christmas cactus that will bear pink blooms just around Christmas.

You can create an endless combination of flower arrangements with these gaylord flowers and also get christmas flower delivery in gaylord mi.


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